Anyone can post a review of an insurance company at ConsumerAffairs and Credit Karma. For opinions on local insurance company branches, users can contribute reviews to Yelp. More » Business & Finance Insurance

Complaints, the types of ratings systems being used and which aspects of the company are being reviewed are among the numerous factors to consider when reading insurance company reviews, Life Happens reports. In addition... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Insurance company reviews can be found through, U.S. Insurance Agents, ConsumerAffairs and These websites offer various customer and industry expert reviews of insurance options, descript... More » Business & Finance Insurance
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A professional review for Globe Life Insurance on Expert Insurance Reviews and user reviews on the Better Business Bureau tend to be negative, where Expert Insurance Reviews notes that customers complain that the company... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Insurance reviews are available on websites such as U.S. News & World Report, ConsumerAffairs and Some reviews are assembled by professionals in the industry and published as lists, while others are user-gen... More » Business & Finance Insurance

User reviews of Travelers Homeowners Insurance on the ConsumerAffairs website are generally unfavorable as of 2015, with an overall satisfaction rating of one star out of a possible five stars. The rating is based on 110... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Homesite Insurance generally does not receive good ratings or reviews, as of 2015, with reviewers on average giving it one star out of four, according to ConsumerAffairs. Reviewers gave Homesite Insurance 1.5 stars out o... More » Business & Finance Insurance