Life insurance policies are designed to pay beneficiaries pre-determined amounts upon the policyholder's death, but some policies accrue cash value during the policyholder's lifetime, made up of a portion of the premiums... More » Business & Finance Insurance

A set of whole life insurance cash value charts is available at Charts show the growth of the policy if the insured pays premiums out of the policy compared to paying them out of his own pocket. Whole life in... More » Business & Finance Insurance

A National Western Life Insurance annuity does not have a cash value. Instead, consumers earn money off of the interest an annuity earns. Consumers can buy into the annuity by signing an annuity contract and can begin re... More » Business & Finance Insurance
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A paid-up whole life insurance policy can be surrendered by terminating the policy upon which the policyholder receives the cash surrender value, according to Investopedia. The cash surrender value is the amount of money... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Life insurance policies from American Income Life, or AIL, offer benefits such as full life coverage, fixed premiums and final expense plans. Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance policies are available, with the ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

While a term life insurance policy can be cancelled or lapse when the premiums go unpaid, the policyholder may be better off personally calling his agent to cancel the policy. The policyholder can adjust his level of cov... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance refers to insurance policies that pay benefits in the event of a policyholder's death or dismemberment due to an accident, explains Policyholders can purchase a... More » Business & Finance Insurance