Gap insurance, or guaranteed auto protection, protects a buyer or leaser from loss when a vehicle has been stolen or damaged beyond repair. When the value of the loan taken out to buy the vehicle is more than the current... More » Business & Finance Insurance

An insurance rider is a policy provision that a client purchases at an extra price in addition to the basic policy in order to gain additional benefits. Riders help insurance clients tailor the policies to satisfy their ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

PPO means preferred provider organization. It is an insurance plan or option that offers a reduced rate when the patient goes to a doctor or hospital that is in their network of preferred providers. More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Gap car insurance covers a driver when he has a total loss on a vehicle and the insurance company benefits don't pay off the balance remaining on his loan. The gap policy kicks in and covers the difference to protect the... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Auto insurance proves important for several reasons: it offers drivers financial protection in accidents, reduces or eliminates costly fees arising from automobile accidents and provides compensation for vehicle loss and... More » Business & Finance Insurance Vehicle Insurance

Property and vehicle owners and people who want protection from personal catastrophe or identity fraud are eligible to apply for Kemper insurance products, according to the official website. Kemper offers auto, commercia... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Gap auto insurance primarily covers the difference between the value of a vehicle and what is owed on a loan when a car is totaled. For example, if someone owes $10,000 and the total loss insurance benefit is $8,500, gap... More » Business & Finance Insurance Vehicle Insurance