A triple beam balance accurately measures mass; however, often a scale that measures weight is used, and the mass is inferred. Mass is the measurement of the amount of matter present in an object. Weight is the measureme... More » Science Measurements

A barometer is the scientific instrument used by meteorologists to measure atmospheric pressure. There are three main types of barometers: mercury, aneroid and digital barometers. More » Science Earth Science Atmosphere

The instrument used to measure humidity is known as a hygrometer. Hygrometers may be used to measure the relative humidity or absolute humidity in the air. More » Science Weather & Tides
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A triple beam balance is an instrument used to obtain precise measurements of masses. The reading error of a standard triple beam balance is only 0.05 grams. More » Science Measurements

Mass and weight are related in that mass is an important factor in calculating weight, but they are not alike. Mass is the amount of material present in any object, while weight is the measurement of the force with which... More » Science Measurements

Scales are the most appropriate instrument for measuring mass on Earth. Mass and weight are not necessarily the same, even though the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. More » Science Measurements

Balance scales work by placing items of equal mass onto two hanging pans, according to Math Is Fun. In order to determine how much a single object weighs, a standard weight is placed in one pan and the object of unknown ... More » Science Measurements