There are many instruments used to measure length including rulers, tape measures, micrometers, gauges and vernier calipers. There are also instruments that make use of scientific principles to deduce length where it may... More » Science Measurements

The volume of a rectangular-shaped object can be determined using an instrument called the "Vernier caliper." The product of length, breadth and height of a rectangular-shaped object gives its volume. For determining the... More » Math Geometry

A graduated cylinder is one instrument used to measure volume. Graduated cylinders are available in several sizes. The user reads the volume from the bottom of the meniscus, the curve at the surface of the liquid. More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab
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To convert a measurement of length in micrometers to meters, divide the number of micrometers by one million to get the distance in meters. More » Science Measurements

A rectangular space with a length of 45 feet and a width of 10 feet measures 450 square feet. The square footage of a rectangular area is the product of the length and width of the area. More » Science Measurements

A standard full size ruler measures 12 inches in length. In addition to the marks for inches, many rulers also include a scale of 30 centimeters, allowing metric measurements. More » Science Measurements

A person measures in millimeters by comparing the length of the object in question with the tick marks on a metric ruler or the metric side of a standard ruler. The metric side is labeled in millimeters or centimeters wi... More » Science Measurements