Detailed instructions for replacing drum brake are available from online resources such as, and as of 2016. Additional sources for instructions include and More »

Repair companies that offer parking brake adjustment services include Barnsley Tire Company and Firestone Complete Auto Care. Barnsley serves major parts of Colorado while Firestone operates widely in most U.S. states. More »

Rear drum brakes work in tandem with front disc brakes to help a car stop. Most cars had drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels until the 1960s when disc brakes were developed. Today, many cars still employ drum b... More »

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A proportioning valve compensates for timing differences in the deployment of disc brakes and drum brakes in cars that have both. Without proportioning, the disc brakes would engage before the drum brakes. The proportion... More »

When repairing drum brakes, first remove the drum, and then inspect for wear. If repair is necessary, either resurface the drums or replace them altogether. More »

To repair worn rear drum brakes on most Dodge vehicles, remove the rear wheels and outer brake drums and replace the brake shoes, the parts of drum brakes designed to wear out. Access the brake shoes by removing the thre... More »

To change drum brake shoes, park the vehicle in a flat area, jack it up, remove the rear wheel and wheel drum, pry out the rear brake shoe assembly, put together a new brake shoe assembly, and install it, reversing the d... More »