To install a window air conditioner, open the sash fully, slide the unit into place and close the sash. Extend the unit's curtain and use screws to secure the sash to the unit and hold them in place. Plug the unit into a... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Window measurements should be taken before buying the air conditioner, and when installing the air conditioner, it might be necessary to remove the window so the unit can fit. After the unit is in place, all air leaks sh... More »

To install an air conditioner in a double-hung window, lift the unit into the window, align the bottom flange with the outside edge of the sill, and then close the window. Instructions vary depending on the parts include... More »

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To install a window AC, open the bottom sash fully, balance the unit in the window with the bottom flange against the outside of the frame, close the sash, lock the sash in place, and expand the wings. Add insulation and... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

To clean a window air conditioner, slide the unit out of its case, move it outside to work, and straighten any bent fins. Vacuum the coils, spray with air conditioner cleaner, and rinse with a hose. Once the unit is clea... More »

An open vent on a window air conditioner allows fresh air from outside to come into the home and circulate along with the cool air produced by the unit. A closed vent prevents warm, fresh air from entering the home. More »

At least once a year a window air conditioner must receive routine maintenance, or else the unit's performance and efficiency may degrade while the risk of breaking down increases. A window air conditioner must be remove... More »