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Inmate release data is the release information of an individual incarcerated inside a state or a federal prison. A state's Department of Corrections or the Federal Bureau of Prisons makes this data public on their official websites through the Public Records Act. The law varies from state to state.


When using the Vinelink service online, available inmate information includes the offender identification number, custody status and the location of the offender. The offender's date of birth, gender and race are also listed, along with the date of release when applicable.


The official website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons provides an online inmate locator allowing the public to search for offenders incarcerated in federal prisons and correctional facilities across the United States. The locator has data on federal inmates imprisoned from 1982 to the present, as of


Information needed for an inmate visitation application varies by state but includes details such as a full legal name, Social Security number and date of birth, according to the Virginia Department of Corrections. The application also includes information about the inmate who is the subject of the


The Federal Bureau of Prisons is required to record and list all inmates that are currently convicted of committing a federal crime or awaiting trial for violating federal laws in the United States. As of 1997, the Federal Bureau of Prisons must also list prisoners from the District of Columbia.


The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections has an Offender Locator service accessible by phone that allows callers to search for Louisiana inmates either by the inmate's name and birth date or by the inmate's DOC number. The service provides the inmate's location, contact information,


Court dates for inmates are set based on the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees a speedy trial for a criminal defendant. Both state and federal courts abide by this requirement, and criminal courts schedule court dates based on getting a defendant to trial as quickly as possibl


There are several reasons why an inmate's name does not appear on the state's inmate search site. The inmate may be on parole or probation, was released earlier or is no longer in custody, or is incarcerated in another state. The inmate may also be in a federal prison.


Information about inmates in Texas state prisons is available on the website of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the agency responsible for managing inmates in state jails, state prisons and private correctional facilities. TDJC also oversees the supervision of offenders released from priso


The Second Chance Act is a law that was enacted in 2008 to help reduce recidivism and improve the chances of a prisoner's success in association with re-entry into society. President George Bush enacted the law during his reign as United States President.