Inguinal lymph nodes serve as part of the body's overall lymphatic system, which is responsible for maintaining the bloodstream's fluid balance and filtering waste as well as aiding the body's immune defense system. Ther... More »

Infected inguinal lymph nodes, or lymph nodes in the groin area, cause the lymph nodes to swell. The infection, also called lymphadenitis, causes the lymph nodes to suddenly increase in size. It is also responsible for p... More »

The left para-aortic lymph node has the primary job of receiving and processing drainage from the thoracic duct and abdominal cavity. The para-aortic lymph nodes are located above the left renal vein near the aorta and l... More »

There are numerous maps of the locations of lymph nodes, both in the neck and around the rest of the body, available online. provides an interactive map on its website, allowing for an in-depth analysis of ... More »

Anatomical locations on the body that contain lymph nodes are the head and neck, the upper and lower torso, the arms, and the legs, according to InnerBody. The lymph nodes in the head and neck include the adenoids, lingu... More »

There are five groups of axillary lymph nodes, named after their locations in the armpit: apical, central, lateral, pectoral and posterior. Apical axillary nodes are near the neck, anterior near the chest, central in the... More »

The human body contains lymph nodes throughout, primarily in the head and neck, but also under the arms and in the groin. The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes along with a number of organs and vessels. More » Science Human Anatomy Organs