Although both lima beans and butter beans come from the same genus, they are actually two different types of beans. The smaller version is known as baby lima beans, while the larger versions of lima beans are what many p... More »

Lima beans are a healthy food. Whether fresh or dried lima beans are chosen, the beans are a good source of protein as well as other vitamins and minerals. More » Food Food Facts Beans & Nuts

Lima beans can be planted in a cup. However, in order for lima bean plants to grow to full size and produce beans, the plant that sprouts in the cup needs to be transplanted into a larger container or a garden. More »

As of November 2015, and websites for Marx Pantry and North Bay Trading Company sell dried speckled butter beans, also known as Christmas lima beans. suggests mixing the butter beans with sweet corn... More » Food Food Facts Beans & Nuts

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One way to cook pattypan squash is to stuff the roasted squash shells with a combination of sauteed squash flesh, shallot, garlic, salt and pepper, corn, lima beans, pecans and thyme. The dish is served immediately after... More » Food Cooking Vegetables

A highly rated recipe for lima bean soup from MyRecipes involves cooking leek and lima beans in chicken broth before blending the ingredients and adding seasonings to make a smooth soup. Green onions, sour cream and baco... More » Food Cooking