Updating credit card information varies according to which service or website has the credit card information stored. For example, Skype requires users to log in to their accounts, navigate to Billing and Payments, then ... More »

Bankrate, Credit Karma and Vertex42 offer credit card calculators that contain information related to outstanding balance, interest rate, monthly payment and desired month until debt free. From there, a user is able to v... More »

Keep credit card information safe by signing the card upon receipt and keeping the personal identification number and card in separate locations, advises Bank of America. Never give card information over the phone unless... More »

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To obtain a Discover credit card, complete the application form on the Discover website for one of three credit cards the service offers, states Discover. There is no such thing as a Discover Visa credit card as Discover... More »

Most credit card issuers display their contact information on the company's website, and customers can access the information from the contact page, notes the Capital One, Citi and American Express websites. Most issuers... More »

The official Marathon Petroleum website provides information about a Marathon credit card that is available for customers. It provides benefits related to purchasing gas at Marathon gas stations. More »

Customers apply for a Kohl's credit card by entering the required information on the Kohl's Corporation website. Customers also have the option of printing and sending an application or applying in person at a Kohl's dep... More »