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The sun is the star that makes life on Earth possible. Comprising over 99 percent of the mass of the solar system, the sun is a G2 main sequence star. This means the sun is cool compared to other types of stars and that it's still turning hydrogen into helium at its core.


Chiweenies are part Dachshund and part Chihuahua and have a friendly and loving disposition. This small dog weighs 8 to 10 pounds and does well in a variety of households, including those with children and seniors, as well as homes with or without yards.


One of three people in the United States develops the shingles virus in their lifetime. The varicella-zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes chicken pox, lies dormant in the human body, often for years. As an individual grows older, chances of developing shingles increase, according to th


Brick House Security is a useful GPS info pack that provides car owners with information on GPS vehicle tracking. The info pack also provides a list of several devices available in the market that the owners can install in their vehicles for security purposes.


The contact information for the Medical Board of California is 2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1200, Sacramento, CA 95815, as of 2015. Their phone and fax numbers are listed on the Contact Us page of their website.


Information on Verizon Wireless data plans is available on the company’s website. Two basic plans are available as of 2015: voice and data or data only. Data packages are shareable among devices on the same plan.


The Company Info page of the Whole Foods website includes descriptions of the grocery chain's mission, history, core values, and information about investor relations and corporate governance. It also includes links to a newsroom, blogs, and practical information for food suppliers and those seeking


Information on Washington State University can be found at WSU.edu by clicking the About tab on the left-hand side of the page. From there, individuals can find specific information about the college by clicking on tabs such as Quick Facts, Academic Excellence or History.


AARP, formerly known as the American Association for Retired Persons, provides detailed information about retirement planning on its website, AARP.org. The organization also publishes a magazine aimed at workers and retirees aged 50 years and older that contains articles on financial planning.


Cheetahs have a flexible spine that allows the front legs to extend further for efficient running. Males live in groups called coalitions. Cheetah cubs have a 90 percent mortality rate.