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The infected ear needs to be washed with rubbing alcohol on both sides of the lobe with the earring removed. In addition, the earring should be removed three times daily and doused in rubbing alcohol. Generic antibiotic cream must be rubbed on the earring before insertion.


You can pierce your own ears at home with a mirror, sterile needle, ice, an apple or potato, and a pair of quality earrings to put in the holes. Pierce an earlobe by marking the ear, numbing the lobe, holding a potato or apple to the ear, pushing a sterilized needle through the lobe and inserting ea


Children's Health network states that there are a few ways to treat infected piercings. As soon as the infection starts, clean both sides of the earlobe with rubbing alcohol, remove the offending earrings and disinfect them with alcohol, and apply antibiotic ointments.


Ear piercings on the lobe of the ear take about 4-6 weeks to close, on average. This is the amount it would take any hole on the earlobe to heal. This assumes that no earring is kept in the ear at any point in time, which would inhibit the closing or healing process.


Ear infection is typically a middle ear infection, also called otitis media, according to WebMD. It occurs when the tube that drains the ear is blocked, allowing bacteria to grow in fluid trapped behind the eardrum.


According to the Mayo Clinic, general symptoms of an ear infection include ear pain, diminished hearing and drainage of fluid from the ear. Additional symptoms in children are ear pain when lying down, tugging or pulling at the ear, difficulty sleeping, loss of balance and a fever greater than 100 d


According to Healthline, ear infections occur when the Eustachian tubes that link the ear to the throat become swollen or blocked due to allergies, sinus infections and cold viruses. The blockages cause excess fluid and bacteria to build up behind the eardrum, which in turn can lead to infection.


Ear infections are commonly treated with antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria within the ears, explains Mayo Clinic. Treatment for pain includes over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, warm compresses applied to the affected ear and prescription ear drops.


According to the Piercing Pagoda, which provides professional piercing services, it typically takes four to six weeks for earlobes to heal after piercing. If the ear cartilage has been pierced, the healing time is eight to 12 weeks.


There are dozens of cute ear piercings to choose from, including the rook piercing, done on the cartilage that separates the inner and outer ear; and the helix, which pierces the upper ear. Combinations of different piercings and mixing and matching earrings creates potential for various unique look