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The scale factor can be obtained by dividing the length of a side in the second shape by the length of the corresponding side. The scale factor is a fraction or decimal number that can be used to scale up or down a shape.


A statement of scale is typically used on a map. The statement of scale defines a ratio or relationship between a unit of length on the map and the piece of Earth being referenced in the map.


According to a statistical analysis of the state of the Nigerian economy in 2010 published on EconomyWatch.com, the contribution of small-scale industries to the Nigerian economy is so little as to be negligible. A 2014 economic update published online by the Oxford Business Group underscores this b


A map scale shows the relationship between the distance on the ground and the corresponding distance on a specific map. Most scales appear on the bottom or top corner of a map.


The hardness scale, or the Mohs Hardness Scale, was developed by Friedrich Mohs, a German geologist and mineralogist, in 1812. This qualitative test was the first widely used field test among geologists.


The most commonly used credit scoring algorithm in the United States is the FICO scale, which produces scores ranging from 300 to 850, states NerdWallet. Lenders typically see 300 to 629 as bad credit, 630 to 689 as average, 690 to 719 as good, and 719 to 850 as excellent.


A scale in mathematics refers to the ratio of a drawing in comparison to the size of the real object. A ratio is a relative size that represents typically two values. For example, 1:3 pears and grapefruits represents that there is one pear for every three grapefruit.


In mapmaking, a fractional scale refers to the proportion of map distance to the actual distance on the ground. It can be expressed in fractional form or as a ratio.


Some free scale apps include Mobile Digital Scale Lite, Precision Digital Scale, Digital Mobi Scales and Digital Weight Scale. Many of these scale apps have a paid counterpart with greater amounts of functionality in terms of accuracy, quantity and measurement types.


A metric scale is a form of measurement used in the metric system. The metric system is the world standard for measurement and is made of three basic units: the meter, gram and liter. The meter measures length, the gram measures mass and the liter measures volume.