According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, examples of indirect marketing include: coupon mailings, trade shows, public relations, blogging, participating in workshops, free e-books and posting on social media. Ma... More »

Direct marketing is an advertising strategy that physically deals and communicates with the consumer, while indirect marketing advertises in quantity by mass media outlets, such as Internet, TV and radio ads. Direct mark... More »

In indirect marketing, the customer does not receive any direct communication from the company. Indirect marketing is used when a customer is aware of a product and only needs to be reminded about the product in order to... More »

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Some effective marketing strategies for a small business include using social media, attending a local event and working on public relations. It also helps to start by creating a marketing budget and using a variety of d... More »

The types of e-marketing include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing and article marketing, among ... More »

Some ways to promote a business for free include using social media, networking and asking for referrals, hosting special events, sponsoring local events, and using email marketing. Many communities have free or low-cost... More »

Some ideas for free marketing include using social media, joining local organizations and providing local volunteer work. Networking is another important way to advertise a business for free. More »