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The Indian Ocean, like many of Earth's oceans, serves as home to a diverse number of species, including anenomefish, Great White sharks, bottlenose dolphins, blue whales, sea turtles, jellyfish, stingrays, sea anemones, sea snakes, worms and stonefish.


A new shark species is among 84 bizarre, deep-dwelling creatures recently discovered in the Indian Ocean. Most of the species have never been seen in this part of the world, researchers say.


The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering 70,560,000 km 2 ... as the base of the marine food web, and eventually the larger fish species. The Indian Ocean accounts for the second largest share of the most economically valuable tuna catch.


Endangered species in the Indian Ocean may not be seen as a concern by many people. Indian Ocean covers about 20% of the ocean water in the world and by this kind of percentage we knew that a lot of species of marine animal live there.


The species of bottlenose dolphins that live in the Indian Ocean forage on small fish and cephalopods, or marine mollusks. The Indian Ocean is also home to finless porpoises, which eat fish, shrimp and octopuses.


The western Indian Ocean is home to 108 species of sharks, including 11 that are endemic, and 66 species of skates. The Indian Ocean is home to 2,086 species of fish that have to live in coral reefs.


The Indian Ocean is the third-largest component of the so-called World Ocean (as all of Earth’s subcategorized oceans are connected), lying between the Atlantic and Pacific and framed by Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.


Other endemic species include possibly the smallest frog in the world, Gardiner’s tree frog, and the only flightless bird of the Indian Ocean, the white throated rail. The underwater world of the Seychelles is equally if not more prolific.


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In addition to its incredible species diversity, the hotspot provides millions of people with fresh water and other ecosystem services that are essential to their survival. Species. Threats. ... Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands Biodiversity Hotspot Program for Consolidation, 2009 English. pdf. 46.12 KB. Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands ...