Customs and celebrations of India include Diwali and Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, which is October 2nd. Diwali is one of India's largest and most important traditional holidays. More » Geography Asia South Asia

The Southwest Indian culture groups are divided into three main categories: the farmers consisting of Yuma and Pima, the villagers consisting of Hopi, Pueblo and Zuni, and the nomads consisting of Navajo and Apache. Sout... More » History Modern History US History

The Yuma Indians are a farming community that used to speak the Quechan language, lived in earth houses, crafted fine Indian baskets and still have a rich storytelling culture based off of old fairy tales. The Native Ame... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions
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India is the origin of religious traditions followed by one-fourth of the world's population and is home to the world's highest cricket pitch. India is the birthplace of the game of "Snakes and Ladders" in the 13th centu... More » Geography Asia South Asia

India is a lower-middle income country, and the average worker makes about 720 American dollars per year, or about 2 dollars per day. In terms of Indian rupees, the national currency of the country, the average citizen m... More » Geography Asia South Asia

The country of India is located in southeast Asia. It is bounded by the Arabian Sea to the southwest and the Bay of Bengal to the southeast. The southern tip of India is bordered by the Indian Ocean. More » Geography Asia South Asia

Republic Day in India, the day honoring the 1950 enactment of the Constitution of India, is celebrated Jan. 26 through 29 each year with celebrations, parades and flag-hoisting ceremonies. On the fourth and last day, the... More » Geography Asia South Asia