Cooked rice and Roti, which is a flat, unleavened bread made from whole-wheat flour, pearl millet or corn, are the staple foods of the people in India. In typical Indian meals, these two main foods are consumed along wit... More » Food Food Facts

There is no official national food or dish of India. Each region of the country has its own dish that remains popular among citizens and tourists. Common spices and ingredients in Indian food include: cumin, turmeric, on... More »

Although staples in the Indian diet vary by region, they usually include potatoes, rice, roti, millet, flour and lentils as staples. Indian cuisine consists of these foods along with a number of accompaniments. More »

Starchy foods include grains (wheat, barley, rice and oats), corn, bread, peas, beans and potatoes. Grains are used to make cereal, pasta and bread, as well as cakes, cookies, biscuits and pie crusts, to name a few. More »

Traditionally, people of the Cherokee Nation enjoyed a staple food diet that included the "three sisters," or corn, beans, potatoes and squash. Meat staples of the past were deer and turkey. Other foods incorporated into... More »

Pearl couscous, also known as Israeli couscous, is a type of toasted pasta that's shaped like rice or small, dense balls. This whole grain-like food is made from wheat flour or semolina, which is purified wheat middlings... More » Food Food Facts

A medical nutrition therapy diet is recommended for prediabetics and people at risk for heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. The medical therapy diet consists of a healthy eating plan that's low in fat and calori... More » Food Food Facts