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Partisan Primaries serve the private purpose of selecting a nominee to represent a political party on the general election ballot. In a partisan primary, voters and ...


After completing and signing the voter registration application, voters are encouraged to mail it or deliver it directly to the Municipal Clerk or Registrar of Voters in ...


Other articles where American Independent Party is discussed: Curtis E. LeMay: …presidential candidate on the third-party (American Independent) ticket ...


Candidate, Party or Parties, Year(s). William Wirt, Anti-Masonic, 1832. James G. Birney, Liberty, 1840, 1844. Martin Van Buren, Free Soil, 1848. Gerrit Smith ...


If there is no majority vote winner in the primary election then the top two candidates go to a run-off election called a general election. This type of system is used in .....


You may have your name placed on the general election ballot as an independent candidate if you are not affiliated with a political party. Tex. Elec. Code Ann.


View information specific to filing as a candidate for U.S. President in Minnesota.


In 2006, he lost the Democratic primary and chose to run as an Independent Democrat, winning the 2006 election under that party affiliation.


Mark Charles for President of the United States - Official Campaign website # AllThePeople.


Third parties face many obstacles in the United States. In all states, the Democratic and Republican candidates automatically get on the ballot, whereas  ...