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Treatments for acne scarring include cortisone cream, fade creams, laser treatments and filler treatments, according to WebMD. Cortisone cream should be used if a scar is red or swollen.


Some methods for removing depressed acne scars include surgery, laser therapy, fillers, skin tightening and electrodesiccation, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. For raised acne scars, dermatologists can prescribe corticosteroid injections, cryosurgery, ...


According to WebMD, there are several ways to remove acne scars with scar creams and fading creams. Another way to get rid of acne scars is by using collagen fillers or laser treatments. The type of treatment used to remove acne scars depends on the severity of the scar...


To treat acne scars, use cortisone cream on red and swollen areas, and apply skin-lightening cream on the dark spots. For persistent scars, get ablative then non-ablative laser treatments and have fillers injected for deep or wide pits.


To prevent acne scars you need to catch and treat the scars before they fully form. Try over-the counter treatments as soon as you see any signs of acne. An important rule is to avoid skin inflammation. Do this by choosing mild skin care products and cleaning the skin g...


To clear acne scars, avoid exposure to sunlight, and regularly apply cortisone and a skin-lightening cream directly on your acne scars. Look for lightening creams that contain kojic acid, arbutin and vitamin C.


According to HowStuffWorks, acne scars never go away completely, but they can eventually become largely unnoticeable. A number of treatments for acne scars are available.