A fixed-income fund provides periodic payments to holders and the eventual return of principal at maturity, reports Investopedia. As opposed to variable income securities, where payments change depending on factors such ... More » Business & Finance Investing

Some of the highest-rated income mutual funds include the Wisdom Tree Dividend Ex-Financials Fund, the Pro Shares S&P 500 Aristocrats ETF and the Schwab U.S .Dividend Equity Fund, reports U.S. News & World Report. Income... More » Business & Finance Investing

Some reputable mutual funds that focus on income include Vanguard Dividend Growth, T Rowe Price Real Estate Fund, Fidelity Freedom Index Income Fund and T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund, notes Forbes. Mutual funds are pro... More » Business & Finance Investing
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A no-load mutual fund is a type of mutual fund that doesn´t charge a commission or sales fee when the initial investment is made, but may charge a fee if the units are redeemed early, normally in the first 5 years, accor... More » Business & Finance Investing

The benefits of a public mutual fund include the variety of choices available within funds, convenience, liquid availability and professional money management, according to Investor Words. Most public mutual funds also a... More » Business & Finance Investing

Different criteria determine what makes a worthy mutual fund, and the U.S. News Money website lists notable mutual funds available for investment. This website provides information about fund year-to-date performance as ... More » Business & Finance Investing

Dividend rates on mutual funds depend on the investments held by the fund. A properly diversified income portfolio includes mutual funds that invest in real estate and overseas interests, according to Kiplinger, a publis... More » Business & Finance Investing