The Supplemental Security Income resource limits for 2014 were $2,000 for individuals or $3,000 for a couple. The monthly federal payment standard was $721 for an individual and $1,082 for a couple with a 1.5 percent cos... More » Government & Politics Social Services

The income limitations for claiming SSI for a disabled child vary by whether all income is earned or unearned, how many parents are in the household and how many ineligible children are in the household, according to the... More » Business & Finance Insurance

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) limits for 2014 can be found on the Social Security Administration website. This can be found in several places on the website including the 2015 press release for the years changes... More » Business & Finance Taxes
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Enrollees can stop Supplemental Security Income benefits by reporting to the Social Security Administration any changes in income or disability status that make continued assistance unnecessary, according to the Social S... More » Government & Politics Social Services

The maximum monthly Supplemental Security Income benefit as of April 2015 is $733 for individuals and $1,100 for couples. Blind or disabled students can earn up to $1,780 per month or a maximum of $7,180 for the year bef... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Individuals apply for Supplemental Security Income payments by calling the Social Security SSI benefits number and making an appointment with a representative to apply on the phone or in person. Applicants or their repre... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Supplemental Security Income forms can be filled out online at or in person at your local Social Security Administration office. The SSI form, Form SSA-8000-BK, consists of 33 questions, including name, date of b... More » Government & Politics Social Services