The equivalent of 27 inches is 68.58 centimeters. The conversion is based on the formula in which the total number of inches is divided by 0.39 because 0.39 inches is equal to 1 centimeter. More » Science Measurements

When converted, 95 centimeters is equal to about 37.4 inches. The formula for converting from centimeters to inches is the product of the number of inches and 0.39, which in this case is 95 multiplied by 0.39. This equal... More » Science Measurements

To convert centimeters to feet and inches, multiply the number of inches by the conversion factor of 0.3937 inches per centimeter. That will supply the number in inches, which can be divided by 12 to supply the number in... More »

The equivalent of 53 centimeters in U.S. customary units is 20.87 inches. Because 1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters, dividing 53 centimeters by 2.54 centimeters per inch yields 20.87 inches. More »

The equivalent of 174 centimeters is 5.71 feet, or 68.5 inches. The number of feet can be determined by multiplying the 174 centimeters by 0.39 to find the number of inches, and this product may then be divided by 12 to ... More »

The equivalent of 62 centimeters is 24.40 inches. That number is determined by using the formula of multiplying the 62 centimeters by 0.39 because there are 0.39 centimeters in every inch. The formula to convert from inc... More » Science Measurements

The equivalent of 74 centimeters is 29.13 inches. The conversion is determined by using a formula multiplying 74 centimeters by 0.39, because there are 0.39 inches in every centimeter. More »