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Convert between Metric and Inch Measurements with this animated Online Calculator.


This app converts from inches to metric (millimeters) and vice versa and is invaluable to anyone that has to deal with both American (Imperial) and metric ...


Pounds to Kilograms Calculator. Convert Pounds and Ounces into Kilograms and Grams. 1 - 50 pounds to kilograms and grams table ...


Fasteners' Inches to Metric Conversion Chart. Inches. Inches. Millimeters. Centimeters. Meters. Fractional. Decimal. 1/64. 0.0156. 0.3969. 0.03969. 0.000397.


Jun 20, 2020 ... Millimeters-Inches Converter ... Enter the length in either of the next two fields and get it converted instantly from mm to inches or the ...


Do a quick conversion: 1 inches = 25.4 millimetres using the online calculator for metric conversions. Check the chart for more details.


Piping Definitions · Tube · Stainless Steel · Alloys · Specifications Conversion Calculators. Conversion Calculators Inches to Millimeters


The Dimensions.Guide Conversion Calculator currently converts length, area, weight, and temperature. LENGTH. AREA. WEIGHT. TEMPERATURE. Inch >. FOOT >.


Approximate Conversions from Metric to U.S. Customary Measures ... cm², square centimeters, 0.16, square inch, in². m², square meter, 1.20, square yard, yd².


Calculate metric or inch tire specs and compare to alternate tire sizes. ... A tire size conversion calculator or tire diameter calculator is the best way ...


All you need to know to convert between inches and millimeters.