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Where Do Blue Whales Live? ... marine mammals can still be seen swimming in many of the worlds major oceans such as the Antarctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean their numbers have dwindled significantly and their populations have become scarce and largely fragmented.


Even the biggest animal in the ocean has an enemy and that is Man. With harpoon guns and fast ships, humans have seriously depleted their population in the ocean. Orcas or killer whales are the only animals that will attack blue whales. They rarely target adults but instead, form groups and try to harm calves and juvenile blue whales.


Most whales seek warmer or cooler water within the region they live. For example, a blue whale in the Pacific Ocean will stay in the Pacific during its migration. Distinct groups of blue whales are found in several locations around the world.


Whales live in all the world’s oceans, communicating through complex and beautiful sounds. And they’re massive; the blue whale can weigh as much as 200 tons, making it the largest animal on the planet. At the top of the food chain, whales play a vital role in the overall health of the environment.


It is hard to know the answer to this question since blue whales are so big and live in the open ocean. It is thought that baleen whales (including blue whales) probably have excellent hearing, especially at low frequencies, which is valuable in the dark ocean environment where vision is less useful.


Blue Whales can live in the Atlantic ocean. They can be seen when they migrate to the Arctic during spring & summer, to waters near Spitsbergen, Davis Strait and Southern Greenland & possibly ...


Blue Whales live in all the worlds Oceans, but there aren't many left. there are 9 pods of blue whales left in extiens do to over hunting the largest pod left is of fifteen whales and they are ...


Blue whales were all but eliminated from the Southern Hemisphere during the days of unrestricted hunting, but, as of 2014, they can be found in every ocean, although in much smaller numbers. Areas near former hunting grounds, such as off the coast of Japan, remain devoid of whales.


Blue whales and the other ocean giants live their whole lives in seawater, where their bodies are fully supported. What magnificent, incredible creatures they are! Blue whales commonly reach the colossal length of 29m (95ft), that’s roughly as long as three London red double-decker buses parked end to end, or the full length of a netball court.


So where do whales live? killer whale – The killer whale can be seen traveling throughout the worlds major oceans, but they typically prefer cooler climates compared to the tropical climates found near the equator. As stated earlier the migration pattern of these dolphins is more often than not determined by their prey’s migration.