"In Cold Blood" is a novel and literary experiment by Truman Capote that explores major themes, such as the American Dream and how easily it can shatter. Capote wrote journalistic nonfiction in a novel form by compiling ... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Blood spatter analysis is a forensic science involving the study of bloodstain patterns that criminologists use to reconstruct the events of a suspected crime. Analysts examine subtle factors such as the placement, shape... More » Science Forensic Science

Purposes of a complete blood chemistry include evaluating the effectiveness of a treatment plan, determining blood glucose level and establishing a good diet regimen. It is also part of a routine physical examination bef... More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging
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In her novel "Passing," Nella Larsen explores the themes of racial identity, sexual politics and racism. Using two female characters who can pass as white and African-American, she explores what happened when trying to p... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Blood spatter patterns are a specialty of analysis in the field of forensic science. Blood spatter analysis relies on the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics in order to assist investigators in producin... More » Government & Politics Crime

Books in the Agatha Raisin series include “Dishing the Dirt,” “The Blood of an Englishman” and “Something Borrowed, Someone Dead.” “Hiss and Hers” and “As the Pig Turns” are Agatha Raisin books as well. These murder myst... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Elizabeth George's first four Inspector Lynley mystery novels, in order of publication, are "A Great Deliverance," "Payment in Blood," "Well-Schooled in Murder" and "A Suitable Vengeance." Chronologically, "A Suitable Ve... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction