The Smart Tutor, K12 Reader and websites have resources for improving a first grader's reading skills online. Each site has numerous free resources that cover various first grade reading topics, such as voc... More » Education K-12

Activities that involve letter recognition, art, pretend play, nursery rhymes and storytelling all help toddlers and preschoolers develop the skills they need to learn to read. Children begin developing reading and writi... More » Family Parenting

To improve a first-grade student's reading skills at home, read with him, and point out common words such as "the," "to" and "and" to help him read more quickly. Explain punctuation marks and what makes a complete senten... More » Education K-12
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Individuals can find reading worksheets for second graders on the Super Teacher Worksheets, K12Reader and websites. Most of these worksheets are free, but Super Teacher Worksheets does have some worksheets ... More » Education K-12

"Blending Sounds Photoshoot" and "Secret Agent Subtraction," found at, and "Dot's Story Factory," found at, provide opportunities for children in developing early reading and math skills. Approp... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games

Some types of reading skills include comprehending main points of what is being read, recognizing letters and words, being able to sound out words, reading fluently and understanding the meaning of words. Students usuall... More » Education K-12

The STAR Reading Program provides instruction in foundational reading skills, reading informational texts, literature reading and language skills to K-12 students. The structure of the program assesses 46 reading skills ... More » Education K-12