If a patient suffers peripheral artery disease, he can increase leg circulation with exercise, stopping smoking, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, and eating according to a healthy diet, reports WebMD. With this d... More »

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Oranges, cayenne pepper, garlic, ginkgo biloba, sunflower seeds, root ginger, goji berries, watermelons, salmon and avocados are all foods that improve blood circulation. Foods such as garlic not only stimulate blood flo... More »

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Treat poor circulation with medication, change in diet, increased exercise and massaging the affected area. Poor circulation is often a sign of an underlying medical issue or of not getting enough exercise. More »

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Exercise; smoking cessation; controlling blood pressure and cholesterol; and eating a healthy diet are ways to improve circulation in the legs, according to WebMD. Controlling blood sugar is also important, adds MedlineP... More »

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Treatments for lower-leg pain include eating a healthier diet, managing weight, quitting smoking, exercising, and taking certain medications that control high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol, says WebMD. Medicati... More »

While eating a healthy diet, getting exercise and limiting alcohol consumption are all important in the overall plan to lower blood pressure, they do not take the place of medication when a doctor prescribes it, accordin... More »

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WebMD lists several home-care treatments for low blood pressure, including eating a diet higher in sodium, drinking more fluids, getting regular exercise, limiting alcoholic beverages, eating smaller, more frequent meals... More »

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