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Convert-to.com is related to online calculators and converters. ... Metric conversion, British Imperial, U.S. and Biblical length or distance units ...


RIGZONE News - leading source for the latest news and information for the oil and gas industry.


Online calculators for common "unit" conversions. Includes the most common metric Imperial and US customary unit conversions, units that are rarely used and ...


Jun 20, 2020 ... Millimeters-Inches Converter ... Feet-inches converter ... Inch [in] is a unit of length in the Imperial and US customary system of units.


Digi-Key's online conversion calculators include resistor color code, decimal to fraction, time constant, battery life, pressure, Ohm's Law, and more.


Metric to Imperial. Event: high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus throw, hammer throw, javelin throw. Metric Mark: (ex: 1.91).


This table provides imperial and metric equivalents of volume and weight measurements commonly used in recipes. Refer to this table when using the Checklist.


t (metric tonnes), x 1,000 = = 0.001 x, kg (kilograms), mass. t (metric tonnes), x 1.1 = = 0.9091 x, short tons, mass. short tons, x 2,000 = = 0.0005 x


Convert Metric to Imperial Feet and Inches (Fractional). Metric Length m cm mm. Feet & Inches: 0' ". Inches Only: 0 ". (Accuracy: 1/16") ...


Online Calculators and Unit Conversion Tools - Metric-Calculator.com.


Calculate the square units of a square, rectangle, parallelogram, or a triangle. Area Converter Convert between U.S./Imperial and SI (Metric) units