Dentures are dental appliances made to replace a person's teeth. Dentures can replace a single tooth, called a partial denture, or every tooth in the mouth, called complete dentures, states WebMD. More »

Dentures and alternatives such as dental implants are given to qualified patients through their dentists or prosthodontists, states WebMD. Complete dentures are used in the event the patient has no teeth, while partial d... More »

Complete and partial dentures are the two major types of dentures. Complete dentures are used to cover the entire jaw and replace all the missing teeth. Partial dentures are used when a few teeth are missing in the lower... More »

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Dentures are removable false teeth made for people who have lost all of their natural teeth, according to Mouth Healthy. Patients who have lost only some teeth use partial dentures to replace them. More »

Dentures are often needed when teeth begin to change position due to underlying periodontal or gum disease, when teeth have decayed so much that cavities can't be filled, or when teeth fall out, according to Prevention. ... More »

Dentures help wearers eat and chew food normally, help wearers maintain normal speech patterns and help fill out the face and muscles that normally sag without natural teeth to rest and work against, as noted by the Amer... More »

Permanent dentures can help to stabilize the teeth better and provide a higher level of confidence in people than in those who wear traditional dentures, according to DentalCareMatters. Permanent dentures are also known ... More »