Some medieval illuminated manuscripts are the Book of Kells, the Lindisfarne Gospels, the French Book of Hours, the Rochester Bestiary and the Codex Aureus. Medieval illuminated manuscripts include Bibles, gospels, praye... More » History Middle Ages

The Perseid meteor shower is visible to viewers in the Northern Hemisphere in the same quadrant of the sky as the constellation Perseus, between the middle of June and the middle of August. The meteor shower is most acti... More » Science Astronomy Comets & Asteroids

The Vatican Apostolic Library, sometimes simply called the Vatican library, is home to a wide variety of biblical, theological and otherwise scholarly documents. From its conception, the library has specialized particula... More » Education

Pirates ate any foods that stayed good for long periods, such as hard tack, which was a square biscuit. During the start of a voyage, pirates had pineapples, yams, plantains and other fruits. However, they only had these... More »

The War of the Roses ended when Elizabeth of York was married to Henry Tudor of the Lancastrians, thus uniting the two warring Plantagenet houses of York and Lancaster. Henry subsequently fought Richard III, a Yorkist, a... More »

Medieval merchants sold everyday items, such as food, razors, cleaning products, spindles, whetstones, clothing and other household goods. They also traded in luxury products, such as silk, leather, perfumes, jewels and ... More »

The agreement between a lord and his vassal was that the lord was responsible for providing the vassal with a piece of land as well as protecting the vassal, while the vassal was responsible for pledging his allegiance t... More »