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7 Illogical Statements that Smart People Never Make. These errors in logic are red flags that the person using them can't (or won't) think clearly.


One of the most common examples of illogical reasoning is the straw man argument, which often entails either isolating a particular part of an argument before then presenting it as an entirely individual or separate position, or using a very early form of a theory to support a case while ignoring the fully developed theory itself (attacking Darwinism using only Darwin's work as a source for .....


A sentence is logical if a truth-value (true or false) can be assigned to it. Sentences such as "Oh Gosh!" or "Please shut the door" are devoid of truth-values, and thus are not logical statements. But there are more complicated cases, such as ‘Th...


The question is illogical: Millimeters are one one-thousandth of a meter, and mass is the statement of measurement of atomic weight an object. Asked in Philosophy and Philosophers , Jokes and ...


“The unreal is the illogical. And this age seems to have a capacity for surpassing even the acme of illogicality, of anti-logicality: it is as if the monstrous reality of the war had blotted out the reality of the world.


Throughout my time working in restaurants, I developed an illogical dread of some basic kitchen tasks. None of them - picking and chopping parsley, peeling and mincing garlic, browning pans of ground meat - were particularly difficult. But at the scale required in a professional kitchen, they felt Sisyphean.


Indeed, the above phrase “all the time” is a generalization — we aren’t literally making these statements all the time. We take breaks to do other things like eat, sleep, and inhale. These general statements aren’t addressing every case every time. They are speaking generally, and, generally speaking, they are true.


Define illogical. illogical synonyms, illogical pronunciation, illogical translation, English dictionary definition of illogical. adj. 1. Contradicting or disregarding the principles of logic. 2.


illogical definition: 1. not reasonable, wise, or practical, usually because directed by the emotions rather than by…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus; ... It is an illogical statement, because if one part is true, then the other must be false. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words . Stupid and silly. absurd; absurdity;


There is a difference between illogical statements and non-logical statements. This is an illogical statement: All criminals are human beings, therefore all human beings are criminals. Even if both claims in that statement were determined, empirically, to be true, the statement would remain illogical, because the “therefore” does not hold.