The Illinois government website hosts all tax forms in viewable format, and the income tax form can be printed from its menu of tax documentation. This makes it much easier for all state residents with computer and print... More »

Illinois tax forms are available from any Internal Revenue Service office, the post office and most public libraries throughout the state, and can be downloaded from the Illinois state Website. Tax forms are also availab... More »

State tax forms are the official forms needed to fill out and file regarding the reporting and payment of taxes levied by individual states, as TurboTax explains. Most state tax forms are modeled after the federal govern... More »

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File individual and business taxes for Illinois by visiting the state's tax site, downloading form IL-1040 and mailing it to the state revenue department or by using the MyTax Illinois tool to file the forms electronical... More »

An income tax forms book, usually referred to as the instructions booklet, is an IRS publication that provides information and instructions on individual tax forms. Tax forms and instructions are available online, or peo... More »

Mistakes made when filing a tax return may require filing an amended income tax form, states the IRS. Changes in filing status, income, deductions or credits require an amended return. Mathematical errors may be correcte... More »

The New Jersey Division of Taxation is responsible for assessing and collecting individual and business taxes, processing income tax forms, distributing refunds, enforcing compliance and other aspects of fairly administe... More »