Illinois mortgage holders must file lawsuits in order to foreclose on properties, explains All Law. Prior to foreclosure, the lender must file several forms, including a grace period notice, a notice of sale, and a summo... More » Government & Politics Law

Due to the fact that New Jersey is a judicial foreclosure state, a lender must go through a court to repossess a home after the mortgage is considered in default, which typically consists of three or more months of misse... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

In Florida, when a homeowner misses payments, a lender charges a late fee, warns the borrower, sends a breach letter and then files a lawsuit for foreclosure in state court, as Nolo explains. If homeowners don't provide ... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending
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Foreclosure laws and processes in the United States vary by state and can be viewed on the RealtyTrac website. Mortgage companies typically start foreclosure proceedings about three to six months after the first missed p... More » Government & Politics Law

In the 1877 case of Munn v. the State of Illinois, the court found the Chicago grain warehouse firm Munn & Scott guilty of violating a law that set maximum rates for how much private companies could charge for the storag... More » Government & Politics Law

Medical malpractice attorneys file lawsuits against medical professionals in order to try to obtain compensation for clients who received poor or negligent medical care that resulted in injury or harm, explains Avvo. The... More » Government & Politics Law

Under Michigan adoption laws, anyone can be adopted, but children who are 14 years of age or older cannot be adopted unless they are able to give their own consent, according to Find Law. State law also provides that pro... More » Government & Politics Law