Illinois mortgage holders must file lawsuits in order to foreclose on properties, explains All Law. Prior to foreclosure, the lender must file several forms, including a grace period notice, a notice of sale, and a summo... More » Government & Politics Law

Due to the fact that New Jersey is a judicial foreclosure state, a lender must go through a court to repossess a home after the mortgage is considered in default, which typically consists of three or more months of misse... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

The home foreclosure process begins with missed mortgage payments and failure of the borrower to meet lender-specified alternative payment deadlines, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. If ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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In the 1877 case of Munn v. the State of Illinois, the court found the Chicago grain warehouse firm Munn & Scott guilty of violating a law that set maximum rates for how much private companies could charge for the storag... More » Government & Politics Law

Medical malpractice attorneys file lawsuits against medical professionals in order to try to obtain compensation for clients who received poor or negligent medical care that resulted in injury or harm, explains Avvo. The... More » Government & Politics Law

Basic zoning laws in the United States include laws that outline the requirements to the types of buildings allowed in certain areas and the setbacks from the streets as to where these buildings can be placed, Find Law e... More » Government & Politics Law

Title XXIV, Chapter 327 of Florida Vessel Safety Law outlines a number of laws that pertain to anyone living aboard a houseboat in Florida, according to the official Florida Legislature website. The laws govern equipment... More » Government & Politics Law