It is easier to replace an ignition switch than manually attempting to repair the device. The ignition switch may have failed if a vehicle does not start or if the dashboard lights don't turn on when the key is turned to... More »

Local dealerships, repair shops and national chains, such as PepBoys, all repair ignition switches, as it is a common repair. The cost of this repair often ranges from about $350 to over $500, as of 2015. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

The ignition switch sends voltage through all of the components that start the engine. An ignition switch is found inside the steering column of a vehicle and is connected to the lock cylinder. When the key is turned to ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

To hot-wire a car, take out the panels of the ignition tumbler, and switch on the ignition manually. If this is not possible, identify the wires of the steering column, strip a part of these wires and twist them. Also, s... More »

A dead battery, bad starter connection, faulty ignition switch and a clogged fuel filter are all factors that make a car hard to start. In cold weather, the slow evaporation of gasoline and coagulated oil also contribute... More »

Car repair troubleshooting tips include inspecting the ignition switch, checking the level of the fuel tank and inspecting the battery cable for corrosion. These particular troubleshooting tips are for problems related t... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

To replace a car’s ignition switch, one must remove the steering column, disconnect the wiring, test the switch, and install the new switch, according to DoItYourself. This task requires a replacement ignition switch, a ... More »