Locate silver markings by simply looking at the inside or back of the piece of jewelry you are trying to identify. Most, if not all, silver is marked with the grade of silver from which it is made. The most common markin... More »

Identify jewelry markings by the type of precious metal content they symbolize. In the United States, jewelry manufacturers are required to inform the customer of the precious metal content in a piece of jewelry, which t... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

The H.CX Hallmark Encyclopedia and are two websites featuring silver markings from around the world. Both websites let visitors search pictures of silver markings, and they both feature forums where collecto... More »

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Sterling silver jewelry sculpted in distinct geometric or organic shapes, generously proportioned, and worn as a statement piece is generally referred to as "bold." Bold sterling jewelry is crafted by individual artists,... More »

Many things are made of silver, including utensils, jewelry, various currencies, solar panels, dental fillings, wound dressings and even food coloring. While silver has a long history as a precious metal used for money, ... More »

A mark that reads 825 silver is used for jewelry and other items made from silver. This marking denotes that the item is 82.5 percent silver. It is sometimes referred to as continental or European silver. More »

In addition to standard gold purity markings such as 10K, 14K and so on, real gold jewelry is often stamped with a three-digit code. These codes correlate to the purity of the gold within the piece. Gold marked with the ... More »