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Last weekend, my sister, my parents, and I held a two-day yard sale. It was a ton of work getting ready for it, but, in the end, it was totally worth all the sorting, pricing, and organizing, because we collectively made $1549 over the course of 10 hours (on two different days).


Location is the difference between a home run and a dud, when it comes to yard sale success, so do your best to aim for the best location possible. It’s worth it to check to see if you need a permit from your city for a yard sale, too. Nothing rains on a good sale like getting shut down. ... cool hacks and genius DIY ideas.


She must not have cared for too long, though, because soon garage sales would turn into a profitable enterprise for LaPedis. By the time he was 25, he had made $1 million flipping items he purchased at garage sales. He also wrote a book called “ The Garage Sale Millionaire.” How to Host a Successful Garage Sale


Find and save ideas about Garage sale tips on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yard sales, Garage sale organization and Yard sale. Find and save ideas about Garage sale tips on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yard sales, Garage sale organization and Yard sale.


Having a garage sale takes work and can be extremely frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. To avoid any headaches and to streamline the process, follow a plan from beginning to end. A well-planned garage sale often means a more successful one, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Planning Your Garage Sale 1.


The key to a good turnout is promoting the heck out of your sale well in advance. Start by promoting your sale via an e-mail to your network of friends. (Who knows, they may want to join in with you, which can only make the sale better!) Next, identify local blogs and other social media sources to advertise your upcoming yard sale.


Having a yard sale can be torture of the worst kind or a relatively easy way to clean out clutter and make some extra cash. Your goal is likely to have the latter. The key to having a successful, stress-free yard sale is organization. Follow the tips below to ensure you're well-organized.


Having a Successful Yard Sale Hi, my name is Chris and I am addicted to yard sales. I am a firm believer in one person's trash is another person's treasure. I am so addicted that I even have DREAMS about going to yard sales. I used to be normal, buy stuff in a shopping mall, sleep in late on Saturdays, but that was another lifetime ago.


Tips for holding a successful yard sale, including ideas for setting up, displaying items, and pricing. ... 12 Smart Tips for Hosting a Successful Yard Sale A pro shares her secrets for staging a profitable tag sale. ... Saturday's the most lucrative day to hold a yard sale, with Sunday not far behind. ...


Planning a yard sale is like planning a wedding. It takes a lot of work in the days leading up to the event, but once the day comes, it is fun and rewarding — but unlike weddings, garage sales put money in your wallet. The key to a successful garage sale is organization. Here are 13 tips to follow before opening your yard to the public.