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The necessary forms and requirements to start a house-cleaning business include a Doing Business As, or DBA, and a vendor's license, reports the Houston Chronicle. Call the county clerk or county administration office in your area to request an application form. After deciding on the name of your cl


To start a business, create a business concept, then develop a work space and a workforce. Research how to sell your product. Obtain the necessary funding, fulfill all legal requirements, and plan the path of your business for the coming year.


Some tips for starting your own business include offering a product that people want to purchase, having a source of cash flow before the project starts, discovering ways to keep costs low, overestimating expenses while underestimating revenues, and focusing on sales and marketing. A few other tips


A good business to start is some type of repair business, whether it is bicycle repair, electronics repair, appliance repair or anything else related to fixing things. A bicycle repair or computer repair business should take no more than $1,500 to get going, according to Entrepreneur magazine.


To start a business, you need to get an employer identification number, register your trade name, obtain a business license, check on additional permits and get a business bank account. A business owner may also need a certificate of resale and a completed business personal-property tax form.


Entrepeneurs looking to start a small business may find success in several industries projected to grow rapidly as of 2015, such as food e-commerce, gamification software for businesses, agricultural software and public sector technology. Starting a small business carries risks even in sectors with


There are many businesses that can be started with little training or capital outlay. Businesses such as these are often service-oriented. Examples include bicycle repair, cleaning services, computer repair, eBay assistant, personal concierge and graffiti removal.


Business types include green businesses, home-based businesses, online businesses, franchise businesses and existing businesses. For startup costs under $1,500, Entrepreneur lists accountancy, bicycle repair, dog breeding, household organization and gift basket businesses as options. Graffiti remova


In order to start a night time office cleaning service, seek more information, devise a plan, buy equipment and market the venture. Starting up a part time cleaning business requires minimal capital and has the potential to become highly profitable, notes National Pro Clean Corp.


A person needs capital, knowledge of the industry, a business plan, permits, equipment, a box truck and a laundry center to start a dry cleaning business successfully, according to the Houston Chronicle. A business owner also needs marketing skills and tools to advertise the new business.