Federal law prohibits members of the general public from obtaining other individuals' motor vehicle records except in specific cases. If your use case falls under the exceptions to this federal law, contact your local De... More »

License plate numbers can not be tracked by individuals; this requires someone of authority to contact the state's department of motor vehicles, or DMV, to release the ownership information. The DMV will only release the... More »

In some states such as Pennsylvania, a car owner can find his license plate number on the vehicle registration card or on the invitation to renew the vehicle's registration. If neither of these options are available, the... More »

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In most cases, individuals can schedule a driving test online through their state's official website by calling the number provided and speaking with a representative, but each state DMV differs in its exact process. Typ... More »

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations state that, in order to qualify for a commercial drivers' license, a person must be able to read and speak English well enough to take the written exam and communic... More »

Veterans license plates are not free in most states and require fees for the initial cost of the plate, which vary depending on the state of issuance. Additional fees apply for personalized license plates. More »

To apply for a vanity license plate, visit the DMV and fill out alicense plate application. Different states have different license plate options, so drivers should visit their state's DMV website to learn more about wha... More »