Minor changes to residential or business addresses to facilitate prompt responses by emergency vehicles are known as 911 address changes. These changes are often requested by police, fire or medical services to eliminate... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

According to, after updating your address in your provider's records, you can verify the information by dialing 911 and informing the operator that you do not have an emergency and are testing your 911 service. ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

The benefit of the 911 address lookup is emergency organizations have ability to locate an emergency quickly. In the cases of rural areas or those who use boxes for mail, looking up and knowing the 911 address is benefic... More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Human resource departments use forms to collect employee information including emergency contacts, leave of absence applications, status and address changes, time sheets, and bank details for payroll. More data is captur... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

The Social Security Administration mandates that everyone report address changes immediately, and those receiving SSI must report the change within 10 days after the month the change occurs. Those that do not report the ... More » Government & Politics Social Services

As of 2014, the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club home page shows the club’s name, its emblem, a list of upcoming events and a link to names and addresses of members who are incarcerated. The home page also shows a patch with "1%e... More » Vehicles