Natural treatments for hyperthyroidism include making dietary changes and taking supplements to increase the body's levels of calcium and vitamin D, according to the Mayo Clinic. While natural treatments may help to impr... More »

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland becomes overactive, resulting in the production of excess thyroid hormone, states MedlinePlus. The condition may lead to rapid heartbeat, abnormalities in the hea... More »

Radioactive iodine, anti-thyroid medications, beta blockers and surgery are common hyperthyroidism treatments, states Mayo Clinic. Treatment options depends on the severity of the condition and an individual’s age and ov... More »

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Supplementing the diet and ensuring adequate calcium and vitamin D intake may help treat hyperthyroidism, according to Mayo Clinic. These alternative therapies usually occur in conjunction with traditional treatment, and... More »

The Mayo Clinic explains that eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D benefits those with hyperthyroidism because the condition contributes to the thinning of bones. Although diet alone cannot cure or prevent hyperthy... More »

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