Hydraulic pumps can be placed into two distinct classifications: fixed displacement types, which include gear pumps, screw pumps and generator pumps, and variable displacement types, which include rotary vane pumps, radi... More »

The hydraulic ram pump works by suddenly closing a valve in a water line to produce a surge in pressure that is collected in a pressure chamber. The process involves valves that automatically open or close depending on t... More »

Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps can be purchased through online retailers such as Western Hydrostatics, Hydraulic Pump Store and Alibaba. The Bosch Rexroth website also provides customers with a dealer locator search featu... More »

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The major thread diameter is the distance from crest to crest through the central axis of a screw. The minor thread diameter is the distance from trough to trough through the central axis of a screw. More »

Common specifications for steel pipe include inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, weight in pounds per linear foot and threads per inch of screw. These specification help standardize steel pipe use in any appl... More »

A hand pump works on the principle of displacement applied through the use of a piston and sucker rods that help to lift water out from the bottom. Water displacement occurs when pressure is applied on the piston and suc... More »