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As of November 2015, Husqvarna sewing machines are available from Viking Sewing Gallery stores. It may also be possible to purchase Husqvarna sewing machines from authorized dealers.


The Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond sewing machine and the Husqvarna Viking Emerald both receive positive reviews by customers on Amazon.com. Also, the Husqvarna Viking Opal 670 sewing machine makes SewingInsight.com’s list of the top 10 sewing machines of 2013. Posit...


As of 2015, some Husqvarna Viking sewing machine models include the Designer Diamond Royale, Designer Topaz 25, Sapphire 960Q, Opal 670 and the Emerald 116.


Some common repairs for a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine include troubleshooting a sewing machine that does not run and dealing with frequent thread breaks on the needle or the bobbin. Other common repairs include replacing broken needles and making the stitches firmer...


The price of Husqvarna products depends on the type of product and the retail outlet. For example, as of July 2015, prices on riding lawnmowers range from $1,600 to $4,200, according to husqvarna.com. The cost of push lawnmowers ranges greatly, from $109 to $4,000.


Husqvarna mowers are made in the United States as of the end of 2014. The company manufactures its walk-behind mowers in McRae, Georgia, and it makes its ride-on mowers in Orangeburg, South Carolina.


Husqvarna maintains chainsaw manufacturing facilities in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia. Its flagship manufacturing site is located in Huskvarna, Sweden, from where the company derives its name.