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Know your local hurricane evacuation route(s), as well as shelters outside the evacuation zone. ... Put together a general emergency preparedness kit:.


Here are some things you can do today to prepare for the hurricane season: Know Your Zone. Refer to the evacuation maps at Palm Beach County's Emergency ...


Food and Water · Tools and Supplies · Hurricane Preparation Checklist · Medicine/First Aid Kit · Important Documents · Evacuation Plan.


Battery-powered radio with extra batteries or crank radio (emergency alert radio is best) · Extra cell phone battery and car charger · Flashlights and extra ...


HURRICANE & EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS CHECKLIST ... Prepare a personal evacuation plan and disaster supply kit, practice and maintain your plan and kit, and.


Prepare your evacuation kit using the pertinent items in the attached Emergency Essentials. Kit checklist. O Turn off propane tanks. Fill the bathtub and other ...


Disinfectant Wipes. Items Needed for Emergency Hurricane Preparedness Kit: Water - 1 gallon per person per day for 3 to 7 days; Food – non- ...


Contact Local/County Emergency Operation Center for Post-Storm Re-entry Permits for Critical Staff. Create a Station Hurricane Toolbox that includes:.


Emergency Checklist. Commonly Asked Questions About Disaster Preparedness ... WHAT SHOULD I HAVE IN MY HOME TO PREPARE FOR A HURRICANE AND/OR FLOODING?


Jun 30, 2021 ... Here's what a basic emergency kit should include · Water, one gallon per person per day for several days, for drinking and sanitation. · Food, at...


EMERGENCY HOME READINESS CHECKLIST. Be prepared to cover all of your home's windows by installing permanent storm shutters or plan to board up windows with ...