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The Hummer H2 gets 10 mpg in the city and 13 mpg on the highway, according to tests performed by Car and Driver. Excessive fuel consumption is due to the vehicle's large 6.0-liter V8 engine.


The Hummer H2's fuel economy ranks as one of the worst of any consumer automobile, with reviewers reporting the vehicle gets around 8-10 miles per gallon in the city and 13 mpg on the highway. Poor maintenance can degrade the mileage even further, making the Hummer an e...


A used Hummer H2 from 2003 to 2008 has an average consumer resale value of $16,020 to $32,890, according to Motor Trend. These prices, effective as of 2015, greatly depend on the mileage and condition of the vehicle.


Hummer H2 vehicles have had a number of recalls, so it's worth checking documentation to make sure all recalled components have been replaced before purchasing one. Prior to placing an offer, buyers should also look up the car's history by ordering a report based on its...


Common mechanical problems with the Hummer H2 include issues with the brakes and suspension, issues with heating and air conditioning, fuel pump failures, and issues with the vehicle battery draining for a variety of reasons. These issues have been reported during the H...


According to user observations, the Hummer H2 generally gets around 10 or 11 miles per gallon. General Motors is not required to provide statistical mileage data due to the Hummer's gross vehicle weight rating, which is about double that of a regular vehicle.


While the Hummer H2 has iconic styling and good off-road capability, buyers should consider its large size and poor fuel economy before making a purchase. The Hummer H2 is an expensive car to own and a difficult one to rely upon.