Human resource offices recruit, manage and provide direction to the people who work in an organization. An effective human resource office develops strategies and programs to utilize employees in a manner, which promotes... More »

Human resource management, or HRM, is the department within an organization that concentrates on interviewing, recruiting, managing and directing employee-related processes. Human resource management is used to plan and ... More »

The human resources department is the part of a company that deals with employee relations. The HR department hires and fires employees as it deems necessary. It also provides employees with services. More »

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission forms are available at, and people interested in making a claim can also pick up forms at local offices. Filling out the EEOC form requires basic contact information and a... More »

Workplace diversity refers to the level of differentiation among the people working in an organization. Although anything that makes people different contributes to diversity, common factors include age, race, gender, et... More »

People resourcing is a strategic human resources management technique that focuses on identifying the best people for employment within an organization. This technique can be used either internally or externally through ... More »

Working in the human resources field can be a very rewarding job for individuals who enjoy helping other people, collaborating in teams and empowering an organization through its workers. A fixed 40-hour work week and so... More »