According to the World Wildlife Federation, biodiversity affects humans in terms of natural resources and ecosystem services. The Federation points out that biodiversity is a foundational issue for all life on planet ear... More » Science Biology

Human activities have impacted the environment more than any other species, including deforestation, natural resource depletion, reduced biodiversity, and pollution of the air, land and water. Humans have been impacting ... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact

Overall, the human impact on the biosphere has been negative and will most likely lead to the degeneration of the ecosystem. The biosphere is the sum of all ecosystems on Earth, and the human race has had an influence on... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact
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High biodiversity improves an ecosystem by making it less susceptible to disaster and increasing plant reproduction rates. All the species in an ecosystem rely on one another in some way, and with less biodiversity, the ... More » Science Environmental Science

Fungi damage wood, crops and other resources, and can cause serious illnesses in humans. When food or other products are contaminated by fungi, the products are typically destroyed. More » Science Biology

Marine biology is important because by studying and researching ocean and marine environments, marine biologists play a key role in understanding climate change and identifying sustainable and profitable ways humans can ... More » Science Biology

Fertilizers are much to plants what vitamins are to humans; they provide supplemental nutrients and minerals that plants might not otherwise obtain due to inadequate soils or scarcity of resources. Fertilizers may be org... More » Science Biology Botany