Diagrams of the female human body are accessible online through and Each site includes interactive diagrams of multiple body systems to be viewed in male or female form. More » Science Human Anatomy

You can read a human body parts diagram with the help of BodyMaps from Healthline. Choose an area of the body on a diagram, and click on it to learn more about it. It is also possible to read a human body parts diagram w... More » Science Human Anatomy

Photos of the human body are available on websites like National Geographic and Healthline. Science Kids offers less graphic, detailed illustrations and photos that are suitable for children learning about biology. Inter... More » Science Human Anatomy
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Label a diagram of a human skeleton by consulting previously labeled diagrams of the human skeleton at websites such as, and Find 2-D and 3-D interactive diagrams of the... More » Science Human Anatomy

Find an interactive diagram illustrating sections of the human body at This website offers an interactive diagram that can be changed to focus on one particular organ system or portion of anatomy. It offe... More » Science Human Anatomy

The bladder on a female human is located along the body's midsection at the inferior end of the pelvis. It is a small pouch like empty organ that is used for the storage of urine. More » Science Human Anatomy

Diagrams detailing the anatomy of the human ear are available at and at Both of these pages contain brief explanations of inner ear anatomy, in addition to diagrams. More » Science Human Anatomy