Pictures of body muscle may be viewed online at and at the American Medical Association's website. Both websites contain multiple anatomical diagrams of the human muscular system. More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

To read a muscle diagram of the human body, find the name of a muscle, then find that muscle's location in the body by following the corresponding arrow or line. Detailed muscle diagrams tend to focus on the muscles in a... More »

According to the Library of Congress, the human body has at least 650 skeletal muscles and as many as 840 depending on what counts as a muscle. Some sources count complex muscles as a single muscle, while others count co... More »

Charts identifying muscles and showing their locations within the human body are available from and SportsInjuryClinic.Net provides a brief description of several major muscles, in addition to... More »

The deltoid is opposed by the pectoralis major and the latissimus dorsi when the arm is moved away from the body to the side. The deltoid group functions to stabilize the shoulder during rotation, preventing dislocation ... More »

The arrector pili muscle is made to lift the hairs on the body, which causes air to get trapped between the hairs and provide a layer of insulation against the cold. These muscles can also react in cases of fear and give... More »

The fixator muscles stabilize a section of the body when another section moves. The muscle allows the antagonist muscles to move effectively during normal movement or exercise. More »