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Working in the human resources field can be a very rewarding job for individuals who enjoy helping other people, collaborating in teams and empowering an organization through its workers. A fixed 40-hour work week and solid benefits are common for most human resources workers. Human resources profes


Under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, procedural due process requires the government to ensure fairness in court proceedings prior to deprivation of life, liberty or property. The goal of the due process requirement is accurate outcomes through the use of fair procedures, explains Cornell U


A human resource (HR) administrator manages an organization or industry’s employees by handling recruiting and orientation, facilitating training, and administering payroll and benefits. This position was once called personnel manager.


To become an HR consultant, first assess the skills needed to attract a client base. Write a business plan outlining your specific services, then market those services. You must also maintain the proper legal and tax documentation.


The main functions of a human resource department involve recruitment, safety, employee relations, compensation and compliance. A small business lacking a dedicated HR department can outsource the function to achieve workforce management and efficiency.


Human resources case studies are available at SHRM.org, YourPartTimeHRManager.com and HRPayrollSystems.net. Case study topics include labor relations, compensation, workforce planning and employee development. Some of the companies and industries are real estate, manufacturing, retail, plumbing and


A human resources coordinator, or HR assistant, is in a support position responsible for administering an organization's HR activities and programs. They handle sensitive data, such as employee records, salary information, absences, training received, warnings and disciplinary actions.


An HR performance evaluation should assess the work done by the employee in the previous period and set goals and targets for the next. Evaluations vary from post to post and between companies, but HR performance evaluation examples are available at several business websites, including Business Mana


Office procedures are clearly defined practices that everyone who works in an office follows in the event of common or uncommon situations that arise throughout the work day. Office procedures include employee job descriptions, confidentiality protocols, phone and inner-office etiquette and hazardou


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